Apartments are becoming more and more popular as choices to choose where to live. Apartments are usually in great locations, with great views (especially in cities or towns and villages near a beach), and they are a cheaper alternative than living in a house. However, they can be quite small in comparison to houses, and to enable apartment living to be less cluttered and to enable you to feel relaxed in your apartment, it is important to make it feel big and look big. This will make a big difference in storage, the overall space and atmosphere.

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Colour Schemes

You’ll be amazed at how much colours can make a difference to the look and sense of a room. If you prefer dark colours, then unfortunately, the darker the colour the more confined and constrained it can feel.

So, the other option is to go with brighter colours. Make sure the walls and even the floor are coloured with light colours and your apartment will start to feel a whole lot bigger. If you decide to change the colour scheme in your bedroom, this can also dramatically improve your sense of a bigger space and can even improve your mood.


Furniture plays a big role in the look, feel and spaciousness of any apartment. If you’re renting, a lot of apartments come pre-furnished. If this is the case for you, then you could make the most of the furniture by moving them around to create more space or even replacing the furniture that came with the apartment on the Longest Stay.

Also, you have to be confident and make the most out of the furnishings in an apartment. Instead of having a dining room table and a desk, you could try to combine them both and see if it suits you. You aren’t going to be eating on the table all day, so it could well become your desk to work from, too. This way, you’re cutting down on the furniture you need – developing more space – and your table has a use throughout the day. The same can be done with a coffee table. There’s no need to buy a pouffe (if you were thinking of it).  If you have a coffee table, you could just put a cushion on top of it, saving you money and – once again – space.

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Mirrors Are Important

A mirror can be really useful if you want to make rooms look bigger.  This is due to it reflecting different space and showing the different aspects of your apartment. Obviously, it wouldn’t be wise to put mirrors up all over your apartment, as that will look a tad crowded. But, delicate and thoughtful placements of mirrors here and there can make a difference. Full-length mirrors in the bedrooms and bathroom are a good option, as these type of rooms tend to be the smallest in an apartment. For your living area, you could perhaps choose to use smaller mirrors that don’t clutter up space in the room and look neat and tidy.