Air conditioners come in manners and in homes. If you intend to fit, consider the place to be air conditioned, your habits and keep in mind its harmful effects on the environment. They are specialists in air conditioning or not (Panasonic, Samsung, Bosch), manufacturers offer the same types of models. You choose according to your needs. Mono block mobile devices are perfect for cool occasionally. They are easy to install, transportable from one room to the other and it is the cheapest: 300-1 000. However, they have some drawbacks: they are bulky, must be installed near an opening to let the exhaust pipe (usually a half-open window) and generate noise (similar to that of a refrigerator). If you want to see details please you can visit ac repair Gilbert AZ.

Homeowners who are considering using air conditioning beyond the summer months have interest to opt for a still camera. Requiring less installation work type air conditioners “window” however abandoned in favor of “split” models. Composed of a single outdoor condenser connected to a (“split”) or more units, they are less noisy, less visible and more effective. However, planning a cost of at least 1,000 euros (excluding installation costs). Check also with your management agent or your local council to check that the installation of an outdoor unit is permitted. If this is not the case, you will have to settle for an air conditioner expelling heat by running water. Attention because the bill may rise very quickly!

A turn in moderation

Once the model, it is still necessary to determine its power. It depends not only on the surface of the workpiece but also the atmosphere, exposure, heat sources of the present, the number of occupants, the quality of insulation, etc. The realization of a heat balance is necessary, either by contacting a professional or self, thanks to simplified heat balance proposed by some manufacturers. Otherwise, you can still determine an approximate power with 100 watts per square meter (or 2 kW for a room of 20 m2, for example).

There remains to determine which options will be helpful. If all air conditioners dehumidify the air, some with a specific key that allows them to use this function regardless of cooling or even control the moisture. Ditto for filtering if all devices clean the air, some say they can retain the finest particles and sometimes eliminate odors.

Fans: limited effect

Other devices also propose to bring freshness in the house. Although they resemble the piece, coolers have a much more limited power because they simply evaporate hot air through a wet filter. The fans, meanwhile, are simply circulate the air. If the devices together have the ability to be mobile, those ceilings do not pose a storage problem and can reach a larger, depending on the size of the room. Finally, be aware that some ceiling fans can change the direction of rotation. Very handy in winter to push the heat down and make heating costs.