When our house is all we do our utmost to make it a place that reflects our personal style and be comfortable in it. E l home is not only our shelter space, it is also the place of family gathering personal recollection. In the following article some designers and interior designers will advise you on matters often complicated when renewing our decor. Lets talk about advice for our homes interior.

To paint the house

True, pick colors that give to the walls can be one of the most difficult steps of the decorative reform. Some designers advise us to make this process a little easier. They recommend that the first thing to do is consider the soils of the room.

We often forget this and the result can be fatal, it is necessary that the floor and walls are not too many shades away and must be supplemented. For example for wooden floors, in its various shades, recommend white walls, beige or cream shades, so that it retains the elegance that wood gives the space.

homes interior

We also need to keep in mind the size of the room to paint . For small places Recommend bright and light colors visually expand and give depth to the space. However, if a fairly large room can opt for matte shades. The blue, green or terracotta are colors that add personality to the room.

Contrary to what many believe interior designers do not recommend white for ceilings . This color has always, even in small amounts, and this dull grays and shortens the room, almost imperceptibly, the distance between the floor and ceiling. Therefore prefer light cream tones property.

How to choose and distribute furniture

At this stage decoration usually make many mistakes either because we are carried exclusively by our liking or lead us only looking for comfort. The key to success is finding the balance between comfort and good taste and, once chosen furniture, know where and how to place them. We choose furniture that fit the space we have. Bulky sofas or games room with a huge table are not going well in small spaces. Decorators recommend that this choice is always subject to our needs .

One mistake that experts say among the most frequent is the distribution of furniture against the walls. This creates a visually monotonous environment and impoverished stay. They recommend that we dare let it centralize from a bulb in the room. If we choose the center around which the organization is a flow table, a sofa or bed (if sleeping), the rest of the furniture will be placed from the center.