Dining dressers look shiny glass and fine china. Located in the dining room sideboard provides a convenient place to store dishes near the dining table or dishes used occasionally on holidays instead. If you do not use your formal dining room very often, use it to store than dishes and glassware. Turn your dresser into a mini office, games center or to display your collection.
a dining room

Mini office
Save all office supplies, materials and folders that somehow are scattered throughout the house on the dining room sideboard. Use lower drawers or shelves as a filing cabinet with removable boxes. It blocks out the view of the inside of the dresser with fabric or decorative paper placing it on the glass in the top drawers.


Things Collectibles
Show off your collection of shells, figurines, postcards and other collectibles in the top of the dresser. Glass doors allow you to display collectibles while protecting them from dust and curious little hands. Use the closed bottom to store the rest of the collection. Change what is in view from one season to the other, like museums change their collections.
Collect all the games room of your children, on television, in cupboards and arrange them all on the sideboard. Move small parts of games plastic bags with seal loose instead of leaving them in the boxes. Place the boxes along to fit on the shelves. If the name of the game is no visible side, write with a black marker. If you’re going to convert the dining room into a playroom, consider some of the tables hang on the walls as art. Turn a shelf into a bar with individual bags sized portions of chips, cookies and crackers. Install a mini-fridge for cold drinks too.

Entertainment Center
Converts the dresser in entertainment center in the main bedroom and guest room. The TV screen is hidden when not in use, so you will not see a big and shining black box for you. Keep your collection of audio and movies into the bottom of the dresser. This hides the wires , giving a cleaner look to the room.

Converts a dining room sideboard in a center of crafts or sewing. Remove the lower shelves so you have room to slide in a chair. Install lighting on top. Add a floor lamp that is above your shoulder while you make crafts or sewing. When the dresser for craft not in use, store the boxes of materials to make crafts or sewing materials which would be the chair. Take them out when you’re sewing.