When it comes to plan your long awaited wedding day, you quickly find out that truly the devil is in the details. Things you’ve never even thought about are popping around you and you have to choose which of them will add to the magic of your big day. Like for instance, if you’re having a ring bearer, what kind of ring pillow would you like? If your ring bearer is a very young boy, you might expect him to loose the rings unless they are sewn on the pillow and that will pose another problem when it’s time to put them on the finger. Or perhaps you want something unique and are looking for something else on which the ring bearer will carry the rings. Then you might want to take a look at this list of 8 romantic and alternative DIY’s for a ring pillow that will surely help in making your wedding even more special.

Ring Bowl


You could have your rings delivered to you on a plate if you make this lovely clay ring bowl. You could leave it plain or decorate it with a doily and instead of initials you could even write the date or some phrase on it while the clay is soft, like “With this ring”.

Stuffed Animal Ring Bearer

Stuffed Animal Ring Bearer

Want to make sure that the young wing bearer won’t loose the rings? Tie them with ribbon around them neck of a stuffed animal and give it to the boy. For a more personal note, use yours or your partner’s favorite plush toy from your childhood.

Tea Cup Ring Pillow

A porcelain tea cup and saucer may remind you of the Victorian era, but if you happen to find a lovely vintage tea cup, with some padding, ribbons and moss you will have a nice tea cup ring pillow and will be able to add some rustic and whimsical touch to your wedding.

Pocket Watch Ring Box

Pocket Watch Ring Box

Photo credit to marthastewartweddings.com

Some people prefer using ring boxes instead of ring pillows, but those can be even more expensive then the pillows. So, repurpose something you already have, like a pocket watch which is just the right size for carrying two rings. Just replace the clock parts and add a cardboard piece as padding.

Nest Ring Pillow

Nest Ring Pillow

When you get married you finally leave your parent’s nest and you and your partner create your own little love birds’ nest. And what is a better way to symbolize that then having your rings brought to you in a lovely arranged tiny nest ring pillow?

Dog Collar Ring Pillow

wedding ring pillow

Your dogs are a part of the family, so if the place where you’ll have the wedding reception allows pets, then you can make your doggy part of the ceremony by turning it into the ring bearer. Then he will need a ring pillow collar, and here is how you can easily make one yourself.

Vintage Book Ring Box

vintage book ring box

Every fairy tale ends with the character getting married and”they lived happily ever after”. Your fairy tale is only just beginning and you might even find it appropriate to have a book ring box for your wedding made from your very favorite book.

Personalized Wooden Ring Box

personalized wooden ring box

If you still think that somehow the ring bearer will lose the rings in all the commotion, then a wooden ring box like this one with a divider will serve you just nicely. Not only that you will have a lovely memento left from the wedding, but you will also feel more at ease knowing that there is no way to lose the rings.