Bathroom is that place in the house that is used by every member of the family, which actually means that it can be really hard for you to keep it tidy and organized all the time. Every one of us is having some personal tools, like toothbrush, comb, shampoo or towel. While all of them are small items that are not taking a lot of space, towels can be pretty difficult and can easily create a real mess there. That’s why you need an appropriate solution which will keep them in place! We’ve gathered 6 Useful DIY bathroom towel rack which are simple to make, but will definitely solve your problem. Scroll down and put some of these wonderful ideas on your weekend crafting agenda!

DIY Bathroom Shelf with Towel Hooks

diy bathroom towel rack

We’re opening this magnificent list with even more magnificent project. DIY bathroom shelf with towel hooks is a great idea with many positive sides. First, every towel will have one, particular owner. Second, it’s practical and useful, so you can display towels and some other objects at the same time. Third and the most important is that is very easy and anyone can make it!

DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

diy bathroom towel rack

The simplest project, but not the less effective! DIY towel rack that is made out of wood is an elegant solution for your bathroom. You can also use it for your kitchen for cloth display! No matter which option you’ll choose, we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied by the end result!

Wine Rack Towel Holder

diy bathroom towel rack

Who says that wine rack should be used just for wines?! The possibilities are endless, but this time we’re representing you an idea how to use a wine rack as a towel holder. It’s a very practical and easy choice that won’t cost you a lot!

Towel Rack Tutorial

We adore multi-functional projects, so this idea on the picture above is not just a towel rack as it seems, but it’s a storage for your beauty tools too. Click here for the whole tutorial with step-by-step instructions!

Ladder-Back Shelf

For all DIY lovers, recycling projects usually are the most irresistible ones. If you’re one of us, then use the possibility to transform an old chair back into wonderful shelf for your bathroom where you can display your towels and all your personal stuffs.

Rustic DIY Towel Organizer

We’re closing our list with one more practical project. Rustic DIY towel organizer will add a vintage touch to your bathroom by keeping in place towels of any size, from small to medium and big. You should give it a try!