When it comes to home repairs and issues, it can become a complete mine field and that’s before we even mention the roof. It’s the kind of thing most people forget about until there is a major issue and something that you probably won’t even notice is leaking until the damage is already there.

We’ve put together a few handy top tips to help you find the hard to find leaks from your roof without having to call in expert roofing contractors Fort Worth TX like http://txroofingsolutions.com/roofing-services/.

Tip 1 – Go Have a Look

As simple as it may sound, going to have a look can be harder than you may think. You need to have a look both on the outside and on the inside and locate your loft/attic space, this is usually in a landing or hallway with a boarded up opening.

On the outside you’re looking for tiles that look out of place, they may have dropped slightly or likewise simply moved and so are no longer aligned. If you spot any then make a mental note of approximately where that would be in your house and those are prime target to go check.

Inside you need to get into your loft/attic, take a flashlight with you and now we need to find the leaks and locate their actual sources.

Tip 2 – Spotting the Tell Tale Signs of a Leak

Some attics/lofts are easier than others to do this in and it all depends on your flooring and detective skills.

You’re looking for damp patches, discoloring of the floors, beams or any areas that feel wet to the touch. Be careful though and make sure you’re staying safe and keep to the floor beams as those are the strongest points.

It’s easiest to do this when it rains as then you can often see the drips themselves if it’s a larger leak or at least see the water running down the roof from the inside. If the weather is sunny, however, you could always spray a garden hose over your roof.

Tip 3 – Isolating the Leak & Making Sure There Are No Others

Once you have found a leak you need to mark it, this will both save you money if you can’t repair it yourself, and will mean that you won’t have to go looking for the leak again when roofing repair men arrive. Use chalk to mark it as it easily rubs off later on.

Likewise as you will have probably already noticed, spotting leaks isn’t always very easy. If you can’t find any then you are either in luck and don’t have any at all or you may have to take things a step further…

Tip 4 – Making Sure There Are No Leaks

If you get yourself some rolls of paper (either cheap wallpaper or table cloth paper that you use for parties works and is nice and cheap) and simply roll it out to cover your attic/loft space then next time it rains you will be able to easily spot any wet patches.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you find even the hardest to spot leaks from your roof and likewise save you a lot of money in the process too.