Depending on who you talk to, it’s generally believed that we need around 7-8 hours of sleep per night. It’s imperative that our bedrooms block out the noise of the outdoors. The neighbors. The traffic. Heck – even the weather. We’ve done a bit of research and come up with four really great ways to block out the noise and get a good night’s sleep. You’re welcome!


Soundproof Your Home

Before we get started with this one, it’s important to note that soundproofing a home isn’t easy. It’s expensive, and it requires a lot of work to be carried out by experts. You definitely don’t want them coming into any apartments before you’ve checked with the landlord. There is a material called acoustic tiles that can help to diffuse sound without extensive installation, however. It might be a stop-gap alternative until you can implement a more effective long-term plan.


Seal The Gaps In Your Windows

If you’re dealing with old windows that haven’t been touched up in a while, you’ll notice more noise. Not only that, but you’ll be getting a bigger draft coming through them, too. Your landlord probably doesn’t want to spend thousands on new windows right now, though. You probably don’t want to either if you own the place! Instead, use a temporary solution by filling in those gaps with window sealant. There are a lot of different options on the market, and they might just provide some temporary noise relief.

Sound Machines

In case you hadn’t heard, there are devices on the market that play sounds to gently send you off to sleep. If the sound of the road is bothering you, drown it out with the sound of the rain forest, for example. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to get something like this, either. There is a whole host of free apps that provide the same sort of service. You might even find that you don’t need calming sounds to do the job. Why not just turn the radio a little louder and see if that’s enough to enhance your sleep?



Consult Local Laws About Noise Disruption

If you’re finding that your lack of sleep is caused by noisy neighbors, the matter is a little more serious. You can just try and block the sound out, but you probably want to put a stop to the issue, right?! Consult your local laws with a quick Google search. Check the terms and conditions of the rental apartments in your area. You might need to call the police, or make a complaint to the company that handles your properties. Either way, they’ll get to the bottom of it, and they’ll make sure the complaint stays anonymous on your part.

It’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep on a daily basis. If you aren’t, use our tips to find the perfect solution. Of course, there are other ways to block out noise in your bedroom, too. If you have already found a technique that works for you, then tell us about it!