Children grow up fast, especially in the first years of their lives and you only get this short amount of time to be the one who decides what they will wear. But, always buying new clothes can be a burden on the budget, so you can always make some clothes yourself. When it comes to making clothes for their children, mother’s have a weak spot for their baby girls. They simply can’t help themselves in treating their baby girls as dolls, always doing their hair and dressing them up. A few dresses are enough to get a baby girl trough the season and they are so easy to make that even a beginner seamstress could manage to make one. So, make your baby girl look even cuter then she already is with these 12 free sewing patterns for making the most adorable toddler dresses for this summer.

Quick Little Ruffle Top Dress or Romper

quick little ruffle

Rompers or onesies are the go-to outfit for a baby, but in just a few months she will be ready for a real dress. So, here is how you can make both a cute little ruffled romper and a matching dress in the easiest way possible.

Recycle Cargo Pants To A Toddler’s Skirt

toddlers skirt

Adjusting pockets to a dress can be quite troubling for someone with fundamental sewing skills, but basically sticking already existing ones is quite simple. By using the pockets from dad’s cargo pants and some cloths, you can make your girl this enjoyable recycled skirt that even dad will approve of.

Bubble Dress

bubble dress

Bubble dresses are too cute to be out of style, especially for little girls. The puffed up skirt is not as difficult to make as you may think. The trick is tucking in the hem and sewing it to the bodice, and if the bubble effect isn’t enough for you, the dress has a crossover back.

Front Or Back Tie Pillowcase Dress

This dress is not made from a pillowcase, as the name implies, but the shape is so simple it might as well be. Despite that, it is a lovely toddlers’ dress and this dress pattern will show you how you can make it more exiting or formal with a simple tying of the ribbon.

Shift Dress

shift dress

Not all summer days are nice and hot. You’ll need at least one dress for those pleasantly chilly summer days or for the first fall days. This shift dress with elbow long sleeves, buttons on the back and cute pockets up front will serve you nicely, don’t you think?

One Shoulder Maxi Dress

one shoulder maxi dress

Toddlers are learning to use their legs and they need all the freedom they can get. So, some may find it strange to sew a maxi dress for a toddler, but a 3-year old might handle it, and if not, it can easily be turned into a short dress with a grown-up looking one shoulder strap.

The Ballerina Dress

Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina as soon as she sees her first ballerina

the ballet-dress

and every little girl needs at least one tutu. Here is how with and old baby’s shirt and some tulle you can make a nice ballerina dress.

Keyhole Dress

keyhole dress

Creating a keyhole neckline to a dress may be uncommon, but gives the dress a nice touch and creates a a nice, fun twist. And i is not recommended for toddlers to be exposed in the front, putting the keyhole in the back is easy and makes the dress even cuter.

Scallop Yoke

scallop yoke

Remember when big collars were the height of children fashion? Well, here is something that may remind you of that. You’ll get a whole new look to an ordinary sleeves dress by simply adding a scallop yoke and some pockets.

U R My Sunshine Dress

sunshine dress

A little girl’s dress should be appropriate for their age, and that means it needs to be absolutely adorable and with as many bows, ribbons and ruffles and this little dress has all that. When your baby girl wears it, she will shine like the sunshine she is.

Introducing…the Anna Jumper

Disney’s new animated movie “Frozen” has won over the hearts of young and old, gaining millions of fans. If your little princess is a fan of Anna or Elsa, then she will be absolutely ecstatic when you give her this copy of Anna’s dress from the movie.

Shirred Summer Dress

shirred summer dress

In the end, he dress needs to be simple, yet functional and of course, as cute like the little girl that’s wearing it. So, you’ll love his simple shirred dress that won’t take you too long to make and will give your girl the freedom she needs to have fun and explore the world.