Do you dream of living on a coastal estate like Palm Beach Paloma homes? Waking every day to a glorious sunrise and the sound of the waves, taking long walks on the beach in the afternoons. This is what life is about right?

What about your home? Does it carry the theme of the beach and your new lifestyle? Here are 11 simple decor ideas to give your home the beach decor boost it needs to enhance your new lifestyle.


#1 Marine Decor & Fixtures

Every room in your home should carry the ocean or beach theme through it. You can start with all of the living areas, creating knots and nautical items such as brass fixtures and wood floor boards. Use marine colors, heavy on the navy blue, red, and white.


#2 Everyone Loves an Outdoor Bar

Bring the beach life into your backyard with an outdoor bar area. Create your bar from natural, organic materials to compliment the theme of the living ocean. Use driftwood, shells, and bamboo to create your barstools and bar counter. A thick slab of oak wood as a countertop makes an impressive visual statement.

#3 Clamshell Sinks for the Bathroom

Shells are synonymous with the sea. What better way to use a clamshell than as a hand basin or a bath? Use shells liberally in the bathroom, on the mirrors and for decorative pieces such as glass bottles filled with small shells and beach sand. Select tiles that are a faux mother of pearl and dress your bathroom fit for a mermaid princess.


#4 Knots & Rope

Knots and rope just spell out the sea life don’t they? Use nautical decor in outdoor areas, stained glass, and rope, with low-light lanterns is a great way to finish any gazebo, bar, or deck.

#5 Bohemian Beach Vibe

The Bohemian theme perfectly matches the beach vibe. It’s all about bright, vibrant colors that dance in the light of your home. Add in white, red, navy blue and yellow as typical nautical Bohemian colors that attract attention while looking clean and sharp.


#6 Add in Some Island-Style

Bring the outdoor environment into your home and add an island-style touch to your outdoor and indoor living areas. Use local indigenous plants that are found in the sand dunes and the local enclaves. Keep things looking natural but provide a specific beach feel to every area in the home.

#7 Wallpaper Maps

Why settle for the usual boring paintwork on your walls? Go for something completely different with a wallpaper map of your coastline or a nearby island. Your living room, bedrooms, or entertainment area can all benefit from a wallpaper map and they make a great talking point for guests.


#8 Build a Bamboo Gazebo

Nothing says rugged and rustic quite like an outdoor bamboo gazebo. Building one yourself is not as challenging as you may think, however, if construction isn’t your thing, call into your local home improvement center and ask for a recommended handyman service. Installing a bamboo gazebo is light work for a handyman and will enhance any bare patio with a true beach style theme.

#9 Kids Love Dolphins

What ocean themed home is complete without pictures and images of sea life? Bring the ocean into your bathroom with tiles that feature pictures of dolphins, whales and other local tropical fish common to your waters. Keep the designs consistent and clean and try to limit colors to shades of blue and green, amplified by white backgrounds.

#10 Create Amazing Visuals With Coral

Coral is beautiful. These skeletons of these tiny sea creatures make for fantastic ornamental features to use in every room of the home. Use small pieces for reception areas and larger ones for centerpieces in larger rooms. Coral can be found in its natural fossil-white format or colored with a variety of bright and fiery hues.


#11 Keep it Local

You are the environment that you live in. Try to make your home an extension of the coastal town that you live in. Keep your garden vegetation limited to indigenous species, use local ornaments and build with local, sustainable materials. The more your home blends into the environment, the more natural it will feel and the better the beach vibe.